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Aged Care

Our Occupational Therapists work with people aged 65+ who have either age-related conditions such as poor balance / coordination, memory loss, confusion, vision loss and hearing loss, or an acquired disorder / disease which lead to changes in their ability to participate in the meaningful activities of everyday life.

We like to assist with you maintaining your productivity & participation through: 

  • Falls prevention
  • Achieving a safer & more accessible home
  • Using equipment that can assist with mobility and everyday living including but not limited to shower rails, wheelchairs, raised toilet frames
  • Improving mobility and function with adaptive strategies, such as joint protection techniques and work/rest routines
  • Planning for the changes in life roles that come with retirement as well as assessing and advising on changes to a workplace that may enable you to remain at work for longer
  • Providing education and advice to cope with age-specific illnesses in yourself or loved ones ie. dementia, frailty, strokes
  • Participating in individual or group leisure / social activities
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