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What to Expect

1) First things first

Identifying your needs

In most cases we will visit you at home to provide not only essential service information, but also, so we can get to know each other! We will discuss what your needs are, where you would like support, and how you want us to work with you.

2) Our team is your team

Matching you with your support worker

We will then introduce you to some of our support workers so you can have a say in who will be working with you to provide the supports and services you require.

3) Partnership in Planning

Developing your service agreement 

At this point, we give you time to consider and review your support options and to get advice if needed. If you’re happy to ‘press-go!’, we will complete the service agreement with you, so that you and your family are confident about what to expect. This plan includes the support we will provide, the costs involved, and when and where the services will be delivered. The agreement will also outline when and how your services will be reviewed and what your rights and responsibilities are.

4) Making Progress!

Receiving supports and services

Once the service agreement has been signed, your Making Progress supports and services officially kick-off! You will receive service from the same person where ever possible, according to the care or support plan we developed with you, on the days and times we agreed with you.

5) Checking-in 

Reviewing services 

We will regularly check-in with you to review the supports and services you receive from us to make sure they continue to meet your needs. Of course, you can always contact us to make changes to your supports and services.

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